Greeks Caught Up In Syrian Civil War

imagesThe Greeks of Syria are also suffering the catastrophe of the civil war that has taken many victims, including two Orthodox Bishops who are missing, and as the strife continues to grow.

Syria has many close historical and cultural ties with Greece. The Greek population of Syria is mostly concentrated in the country’s two big cities, Damascus and Aleppo, and in the village Al-Hamidiyah, which is located in the southern part of the country.

The largest modern wave of immigrants of Geek decent occurred after the Asian Minor Catastrophe of 1922. Damascus has 800-900 Greeks and there are Greek schools in both of the city’s largest cities. Damascus’ Greek community was begun in 1917.

The Greek community of Aleppo has reportedly exceeded that of Damascus in population, due to the immigration of many residents of the capital to Greece, in order to find a job. In 1982, with the help of the Greek embassy and particularly of the Church, the Greek community of  Aleppo was given its own space for Greek language courses, the Prophet Elias school, which is attended by about 50 people.

The Greek school in Damascus was founded but stopped operation about 10 years ago. Representatives of the Greek-speaking communities of both cities agree that seconded teachers from Greece, often cannot integrate into local society and they are not sufficient to cover the educational needs.


  1. Our Faith is in the Almighty God. We will continue to Pray for the safe release of these Blessed Religious Leaders, whose lives are dedicated in worship, serving the community, prayer, fasting and chastity. May the Almighty God protect, bless & support them in these difficult times of tribulation. God taught us Peace, Forgiveness and love. Lord Have Mercy. Please Lord, deliver us from evil, We cry onto you, for you are Lord & Saviour. Christians are suffering enormously in the Middle East. Religious Extremists continually preach hate and murder of innocent christian civilians.Daily, we are witnessing; discrimination, constant attacks on christian churches & properties, abductions & sexual assults of christian girls / women and senseless murder. How can one terrorise the other and believe that they are doing a good service for God. Why, I ask??? Whether, we are ‘infidels’ or not, let God judge us. Have Mercy on others, so God will have Mercy on You. We are all hurting in pain from the instability and insecurity all over the middle east. We Pray for Peace.

  2. Ethnic Greeks in Syria and Lebanon are at a much higher number, not just the descendants of the Asia Minor Catostrophe. The Greek Orthodox Christians of Syria and Lebanon are all of ethnic Greek ancestry, this is why they belong to the Greek Orthodox Church in the first place. They are not Arabs, they are Greeks! They are the descendants of the Ancient Hellenistic and Byzantine Empires. There is a term for the Greek Orthodox (ethnic Greek) population in Syria and Lebanon. They are called Antiochian Greeks!!!!!!

    We must end the misconception that they are Arabs, because they are NOT Arabs, they are Greeks!!!

    God bless!!!


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