Greek Woman Joins North Korea Exodus

MegaloudiThe one and only  – according to all indications  – Greek woman who lives in North Korea, is going to temporarily leave the country with her child, after the government’s bombastic war rhetoric has  triggered military counteractions by South Korea and the United States.

Fragkiska Megaloudi, a writer and researcher, with her four-year-old son, Sebastian, went to Beijing, along with other women and children of diplomats and UN officials who serve in North Korea.

Megaloudi, who collaborates with the humanitarian news and analysis service IRIN of the UN, lives in the capital Pyongyang where her child’s father serves as an UN official.

She told the Athens News Agency her hurried departure to Beijing was due to the crisis’ escalation. “We hope that nothing is going to happen and that we will return in Pyongyang after a short stay in Beijing”, the writer said. She added that while things are calm in North Korea’s capital, apart from mall rallies and cries to kill enemies,  “There is some tension though.”

The government in North Korea has told foreign diplomats that it cannot guarantee for their safety if war breaks out and has asked them to consider the possibility to leave the country for their own safety.