Japanese Want Venus de Milo In Panties

Venus de MiloJapanese residents from the town of Okuizumom are calling on the authorities to dress replicas of the famous statue of Venus de Milo to covered with panties, and for David to be wearing underwear. The modest Japanese are upset with the nude statues being placed in a public park near a gym and playground.

“The residents reported to the authorities that their children are frightened by the statues, since they are huge and arrived in town unexpectedly,” a  municipal councilor told Agence-France-Presse. “These statues depict naked bodies, and residents of this city are not familiar with things like that, they believe that it is not good for children “he said.

Residents finally asked the sculpture of David to be dressed with underpants, according to the newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun. City leaders said they hoped that people will get used to live with these statues and be convinced that they would serve the aesthetic education of their children. The Japanese even blot out genitalia in pornography.


  1. This is a Greek focused news agency, and you cant even call it by its real name? Aphrodite of Milos…

  2. It’s actually in French. In art history you often call things by their most familiar name, it doesn’t really indicate anything. The Rokeby Venus is not located in Rokeby any more but it is still called that. It seems a paltry thing to get het up about.


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