Cyprus Luring Chinese Immigrants

chinese_cyprusChinese who have the financial means to leave their country because of housing market restrictions, limited investment opportunities, uncertainty about the future as well as the one child policy are looking far abroad for new homes and Cyprus is becoming a favorite.

According to statements in the Times of the immigration advisory service representative in Cenchen, Cyprus ranks among the most popular destinations in Europe for wealthy Chinese who want to migrate from their country.

Chinese officials say that more and more of their compatriots are searching for the opportunity to take their money out of China and get European citizenship in the future.

Cyprus, since 2011, has offered foreigners who buy property worth at least 300,000 euros ($404,000 the possibility to obtain authorization for permanent installation. According to the report, this has driven as a result thousands of Chinese to settle on the Greek island.

Although the U.S. is one of the most popular destinations for Chinese people, Europe’s lower-cost properties, both organized health and education systems and the prospects of getting a passport, is becoming increasingly attractive.


  1. Interesting, i always thought Vancouver was the number choice for wealthy Chinese home buyers.

  2. cyprus is going to be the “canada” of the Mediterranean the Greek and even the Turkish culture will probabley be something of the past in the near future

  3. Well our government did say a few months ago that it would begin reaching out to the Chinese. I suppose they did.

  4. This is far too exaggerated. They have only sold 41 Homes to Chinese.
    There is nothing in Cyprus that the Chinese cannot get at home and once they face the Cypriot racism and their wives being asked how much they charge, there wont be many left.

    Cyprus is for the English and Russians who enjoy the sun.


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