Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Visits South Africa

Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Konstantinos Tsiaras completed his official visit to South Africa and commented upon returning to Athens that he received very positive messages from his meetings with the delegates of the Greek Community of the country and the South African political officials in terms of promoting the issues of the local Greek diaspora.

The Deputy Minister signed a transnational agreement on promoting and expanding the economic relations between the two coutnries and held a series of meetings with members of the government of South Africa. Within his visit, Tsiaras also met with the Minister for Transport Benentikt Martins, the Finance Minister of Gauteng, Mandla Nkomfe, and the PM of Western Cape, Helen Zille. Moreover, Tsiaras attended a luncheon with the former President of South Africa Frederik de Klerk, who is married to a Greek woman and has expressed his philhellenism to the Greek people and their country several times in the past.

The Greek official expressed his satisfaction over the contacts he had with the delegates of the Greek Orthodox Church in South Africa, and visited several Greek benefit foundations and Greek schools promoting the teaching of the Greek language.


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