A Greek From Mozambique Hunts Cretan Ancestors

Born and raised in Mozambique, Parashos Skouloudis has never forgotten his Greek roots. Now he’s trying to find them and is searching for his ancestors and any remaining relatives on the Greek island of Crete.

According to prismanews.gr, Skouloudis’ family, led by brothers George and Manolis, went to the African country from the Sfakia area in Crete during World War II.  George tied the knot with a local woman, Maria Mingana, while Manolis married her sister.

Parashos Skouloudis (the 4th) is the son of Parashos (the 3rd) and Luisa, and grandchild of Christos Skouloudis. He is President of the ADEGREMO organization based in Mozambique, the members of which are all descendants of Greek people who had migrated to the African country many years ago, many of whom are trying to trace their families.

(Sources: the insider, Chaniotika Nea )


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