Winemaker Boutaris Taps China’s Market, Moves to Shanghai

Mihalis Boutaris, a Harvard graduate and member of one of Greece’s oldest and most renowned wine-making families, has decided to expand his business and enter the Chinese market, undaunted by the Greek economic crisis and ready to promote Greek wines abroad.

According to the China Daily newspaper, Boutaris “found a Chinese joint venture partner, drew up plans for a winery in far-western Gansu province, announced plans for a wine e-commerce platform and moved his family to the eastern-seaboard city of Shanghai.” The family, obviously has had to change its lifestyle while Boutaris had to change his business culture as well.

“You have to look at the macro context when you see what Greece is like today – I wanted to be part of the solution, not the problem,” Boutaris, a fifth-generation winemaker whose family has six vineyards in Greece and one in France told journalist Mark Graham. “I think every country takes pride in its product, and I think in 10 years we will be able to make wine that will compare with some of the best French ones,” Boutaris said, noting his new venture is right in the center of China, “the closest you can get to a temperate zone.” He said he intends to launch a website soon to promote Greek wines in China.



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