Patriarch Theophilos Visits Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Some days ago, Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem visited the Syrian refugee camp located in Zaatar. The camp was established and inaugurated by the UN Refugee Agency and the Jordanian Charity Organization.

According to UN officials, about 3,000 Syrian refugees – both Muslims and Christians – have rushed to the camp while more and more Syrians keep arriving. The Zaatari camp is a collection of some 2,000 tents on the outskirts of the northeastern city of Mafraq with the capacity to house some 10,000 persons, designed with an expandable capacity of more than 113,000 people.

The camp manager told the Patriarch there is a great need for food, drugs as well as clothes despite the effort that the Jordanian government, humanitarian bodies and UN officials are making to relieve the stress that the growing refugee population is creating in Jordan.

Patriarch Theophilos vowed to contribute to gathering and delivering necessary items for the refugees. He also stressed the need for games, notebooks and pencils to be sent to the camp for the children. Officials have already taken actions to establish a school at the campsite. The Archdiocese of Cyprus has already begun raising money and gathering products, while Patriarch Theophilos contacted Doctors without Borders and asked them to head for the camp to aid refugees.

(Source: ana-mpa)


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