Greek Students Take World Honors in Math

MAR DEL PLATA, Argentina – One gold, one silver and three bronze medals were won by the Greek students during the 53rd International Mathematical Olympiad held here between June 4-16. During the Olympiad, the Greek students were recognized as the cleverest mathematical minds in the Eurozone countries, leaving behind their German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch competitors, as well as students from other countries taking part in the competition.

The gold medal was won by a Greek student for a second consecutive year, while all Greek students who took part in the competition were honorably mentioned. The young Greeks, with their major talent in mathematics, continued the successful tradition of Greek teams in International Mathematical Olympiads, justifying the efforts of the Greek Mathematical Society that for many years is preparing and supporting the efforts of these students on a  voluntarily basis.

The students were accompanied by the deputy professor of the National Technical Polytechnic School of Athens, Anargyros Fellouris and the Professor in Mathematics Mr. Evaggelos Zotos.

The names of the Greek winners;

Lolas Panagiotis from Trikala – Gold medal

Dimakis Panagiotis from Athens – Silver medal

Mousatov Alexander from Athens – Bronze medal

Skiadopoulos Athinagoras from Rods – Bronze medal

Tsinas Constantine from Trikala – Bronze medal

And Tsampasidis Zacharias form Katerini – Honorable mention


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