Greek “Acropole Hotel” in the Heart of Sudan

Greek motorcyclist Kostas Mitsakis has been travelling to African destinations, such as Egypt and Sudan. He was found in Khartoum, where he came across a Greek treasure–a luxurious hotel that was built back in 1952 by a Greek sailor from the island of Kefalonnia.

“ The ‘Acropole Hotel’ is the oldest hotel in Khartoum, and it originally had only ten rooms. It soon, however, expanded to a nearby building increasing its rooms to a total of 40,” explains the adventurous motorcyclist.

“When you visit Khartoum, Sudan’s capital, you should definitely stay over there, at the Greek Hotel ‘Acropole’, which is located in the city’s commercial center (52 Zubeir Pasha St.)

When Panagiotis Pagoulatos, the founder of the hotel, passed away, his three children took over the business. With their mother’s guidance and their hard work, they managed to turn the hotel into an actual treasure of the city’s cultural and touristic life.

Back in the 1980s during the war with Eritrea, the hotel served as the base for every international non-governmental organization, since ‘Acropole’ was the only place in Sudan having telephone, fax and telefax providing people with the opportunity to communicate with the rest of the world.

The hardest time for ‘Acropole’ was in 1988 when a terrorist attack destroyed large parts of the central building leaving seven dead and several injured behind.

The Pagoulatos brothers, however, did not give up their family business and managed to restore the hotel in a nearby building.

Today, ‘Acropole’ is the place in Khartoum to see businessmen, journalists, archaeologists, United Nations employees and everyday travelers,of course.

The warm and friendly climate, the hospitality and the impeccable service of the three Greek owners in Sudan have turned ‘Acropole’ into a ‘Home away from home’.”

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