Santorini Theme Park in Faraway Thailand

It seems that Greek islands are a top destination. For those who are not rich enough to own one like Aristotle Onassis, it may be easier to create theme parks to remind them of their sunny summers in Greece, despite how far from Greece they are.

Thai businessmen had an idea – to bring Greek islands somehow nearer to their home country. And they did it! In Thailand’s holiday district of Cha-am, only two hours away from Bangkok, tourists have the opportunity to visit a newly constructed mall, which mimics how it would be wandering around in the backstreets of Santorini.

This park is a pretty good “copy” of the Greek island, having white houses with blue closers, windmills and stone-paved streets, all along the 80,000 square meter area.

Many shops, restaurants, as well as a 40-meter tall ferris wheel, fascinate the tourists. This mall brings people from many miles away, without having to pay extra for a plane ticket.

Garment retailer and manufacturer Pena House Group came up with the genius idea, in a bid to attract tourists and shoppers in Cha-am and especially the visitors of the close beach resort Hua Hin, which amounts to 4 million visitors per year.

According to people working for Pena House Group, if this project proves to be successful, they will construct more theme parks. But we should remind them, although it is a pretty clever idea, nothing could ever imitate or substitute the real Santorini island!




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