Greek Photoreporter Nikos Pilos Awarded At China International Press Photo Contest

Acclaimed Greek photojournalist Nikos Pilos has been presented with an award in the Economy Sciences & Technology News Stories category at the China International Press Photo Contest.

The photo project of Pilos, shot in Thrace, northeastern Greece, and entitled “The Ruin of the Greek Industry”, has already been published in the featured KAPPA magazine of Greek daily ‘Kathimerini’ and in the German daily ‘Stern’.

Nikos Pilos is one of the most prominent contemporary Greek photojournalists. His work has been featured in international papers, such as Time, New York Times, Stern, Handelsblatt, Gazzeto delo sport, Eleftherotypia and others.

In his work “The Ruin of the Greek Industry” Pilos has managed to depict in only ten photos the entire chronicles of the forlorn Greek economic and social changeover. Works that began and were never completed, industries built but not meant to survive, projects that were never brought to life and ones that died soon afterwards are some key elements found in the awarded photo project of Pilos.


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