Greeks in Mexico Celebrate Greek Independence Day

There is not a huge Greek community in Mexico City, but the 1,500 proud Greek-Mexicans that live in this city keep their traditions and customs alive.

On March 25th, the Greek community of Mexico organized a Greek Independence Day celebration. The event took place on the grounds of the Greek Community of Mexico in Mexico City.

The celebration featured speeches about Greek independence, Greek dancing and of course Greek food.

“We try to keep our customs alive and I think we have succeeded “said the president of the Comunidad Helenica de Mexico, Mrs. Helena Stamatiades.

Helena Stamatiades is a second generation Greek whose family is descended from Evia, Greece. She is the force of Greek celebrations in the Latin city.

The celebration for the Greek Independence Day started on Sunday morning with the Holy Liturgy that was performed at Saint Sophia, the Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Mexico City.

After the liturgy the food and the dance floor was ready for the community. The Greek buffet included more than 30 different Greek dishes and of course the local Tequila.

Click on thumbnails below to see pictures from the event:

“We try to cook as much as we can for the community so our kids develop a taste for Greek food”, says Stamatiades, who stayed up all night on Saturday to cook for more than 400 guests who attended the event.

“We also try to teach the kids our Greek History and customs so they keep their Greek spirit alive” Stamatiades continues.

It really feels good as a Greek to be in Mexico and hear all the young Greek-Mexican kids who may not speak Greek, but talk about how Greek they feel in Spanish holding a Greek flag proudly.

The Greek celebration continued until 8pm with non-stop dancing and Greek music. And if the Greeks like to dance, imagine what the passion of these Greek-Latins is for the dance floor.

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