The World Through a Greek Photographer’s Eyes

Despite the fact that there is a current economic crisis in Greece, there are still various examples of Greeks succeeding in their lives and efforts, and thus gathering positive attention.

One of those people is the Greek photographer Stylianos Papardelas from Crete, who travels around the world, immortalizing moments from the everyday life of people in Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Uganda, Ruwanda and many other places in the world.

Stylianos Papardelas started taking photographs in 2007 when he bought his first DSLR camera and started taking lessons at the Hellenic Photographic Society of Crete. Six months later he participated in his first group exibition.

In February of 2006 he joined the Photographic Society of the University of Crete (F.O.P.K).The kind of photography that interests him is “street photography”. He believes that street photography is about making scenes of everyday life seem unreal.

Since he was 18, he has been travelling around Europe and experimenting with documenting faces, feelings and situations that were happening around him. His first trip was to Ireland, and since then he has travelled to Italy, Spain, Holland, Cyprus, France, Czech Republic, Turkey, England and Germany.

Since 2007 he has organized, participated and set up seven group exhibitions for F.O.P.K. In 2009 he was honored to organize and setup the exhibition of the worldwide known Magnum photographer Nikos Economopoulos.

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