Panos Karan To Give Charity Classical Piano Recital for Disaster Victims of Tohuku

Greek Pianist Panos Karan, currently residing in the U.K., will be visiting Japan on March 16, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, to give a piano recital at the Ouji Hall for the disaster victims of the Tohuku earthquake.

This will be his second visit after performing 11 concerts in August 2011 in the Tohuku area for the disaster victims. He is planning to visit the area again in March, which will be one year exactly since the devastation.

Sponsors of the concert are the Japan-Greece Society, the Japan-British Society and the Japan Emergency NPO (JEN).

The music to be performed includes composer Hadjidakis’ “Three Greek Pieces” (from “For a little white seashell”), Say’s “Black Earth” (“Kara Tropak”), Takemitsu’s “A Song of Love” (from Uninterrupted Rest) and Chopin’s “Ballade No.4 in F minor, Op. 52”.

The Greek residents in Japan, as well as all Japanese, are kindly invited to this charity concert of March aiming at offering some help to those in need.

Doors open at 18:30 on Friday, March 16. Ouji Hall is located on Ginza 4-7-5 Chuo-ku (for more information visit and the fee is 4,000 yen (free seating). For early reservations made in February the fee will have a discount of 500 yen.

Further information is posted on “Greeks of Japan”, a community website created to unite the Greeks and people interested in Greece who live in Japan.

For those interested please contact Fay Savaidis on [email protected] by the latest on February 29, 2012, or visit


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