Greek-Cypriot Crocodile Dundee Το Catch Killer Croc In Uganda

Greek-Cypriot Peter Prodromou, also known as “Safari Pete” on a Channel 4 talk show, is a real Crocodile Dundee of our times, and his most recent mission was to track down and exterminate a killer crocodile in Uganda.

The carnivorous reptile has attacked a 15-year-old boy in the African country on Christmas Day, and when another one went missing, the local authorities called on Prodromou to help them get rid of the beast.

Prodromou flew to Uganda on Monday, January 9, and made it clear that his intentions were, on the one hand, to help the local people triumph over their fear and anger against the animal, and, on the other hand, to deal with the crocodile in the best possible way.

The teenager was swimming in a lake when the crocodile attacked. Another boy is missing and locals fear he may also have been taken.

Prodromou, who lives in Highbury, UK, said that this is not the first time he is being asked to deal with crocodiles.
“It might take a week or so before I track down this killer croc in Uganda. It will surely take some weird tricks to lure it, such as a big doll smelling of human scent. Although there are certainly other crocodiles in the area, the one that attacks the doll more aggresively and sooner than the others it is most probably the one we are after” said Prodromou before leaving London.

Admiring the giant reptiles, Prodromou has been hunting crocodiles for 12 years and is now and passing on his knowledge to the younger generations by holding talks at schools and giving free training to the Ugandan government.