Cypriot Minister of Commerce to Visit Israel

Cyprus Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism Mrs. Praxoula Antoniadou is expected to visit Israel at the end of January, in order to further discuss the natural gas and oil drilling in the Cypriot EEZ.

According to Mrs. Antoniadou, she will be meeting with the Israeli Minister of Energy and Infrastructure to elaborate on the emerged data so far concerning the joint resources explorations.

Mrs. Antoniadou also noted that Israeli companies have expressed their interest in exploring other blocks of the Cyprus EEZ in the future.

After the exploration of crude oil and natural gas in Block 12, the Republic of Cyprus is looking for ways into exploiting its energy and distributing it both in Cyprus and abroad.

As far as the granting authorization contract is concerned, the Cypriot Minister said it would be different from the previous one, in order to better secure her country’s rights in the EEZ and the area.


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