Greek Abstract Sculptures Exhibited In Colombia

The abstract sculptures of Greek artist Sophia Vari will be presented to the Colombian audience for the first time.

The exhibition opens on Sunday December 3, with fifteen of Vari’s large sculptures to be revealed in the large Caribbean beach resort city of Cartagena, in the Plaza de los Coches.

The artistic exhibition will be hosted in the Colombian city until February 29, 2012.

In addition, several sculptures will be on display at the Plaza de Santo Domingo, San Pedro Claver, La Proclamacion, and Estribos Alley.

“We are pleased that Cartagena is the chosen site [for Vari’s sculptures] because it is an exhibit that has already been in important global cities such as Madrid, Paris, and Athens, among others. The city’s administration has supported cultural tourism, and we believe that this decision is strengthening Cartagena’s global image,” told Irina Junieles, director of the Cartagena Cultural Heritage Institute of Colombia.

Sophia Vari (1940) is one of the most renowned modern Greek sculptors and has managed to entwine the abstract with the classic, the figurative with sharp shapes, volumes and tangles, light and colors.