Youth Network SAE Organizes Photo Contest on Hellenism in Chile

Youth Network SAE Latin America is organizing a photo contest revolving around the idea of Hellenism in Latin America.

The contest aims at providing the right stimuli to the new generation of Greeks residing in Latin America, so as to depict through the photo lens their relation to Hellenism and the Greek culture. The Network focuses on preserving the Greek traditions in those remote regions of the world.

Everyone aged over 18 years old and residing in one of the countries of Latin America can take part in the upcoming photo contest. Participants are asked to express their hellenicity through photos depicting faces, landscapes, facts, events, celebrations, monuments, architectural sites, etc. from the place where they live.

The first prize will be a trip for two to one of the countries in Latin American. The best photos will be included in the 2012 SAE calendar distributed free of charge throughout the Central and South America region.


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