Somali Pirates Hijacked Greek-Owned Tanker

According to Reuters news agency, Somali pirates have hijacked a Greek-owned chemical tanker in the Gulf of Aden with a crew of 22 people on board including an unarmed guard yesterday Monday.

The vessel “Liquid Velvet” travels under the Marrshall Islands flag but is owned by Greek firm Elmira Tankers, according to the firm’s website.

“It was taken yesterday. It was going from Suez and heading to India. Crew members are 21 Filipinos and one unarmed security guard,” Andrew Mwangura, mariteime editor of The Somalia Report said.

The monsoon season will soon be over and fears are instantly multiplying, since the seas off the Horn of Africa will flatten and render pirate attacks much easier than before.

Piracy in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean is an unbearable cost for the world economy, since every year the pirates’ attacks are translated into millions of dollars, ransoms, and murder.

British PM David Cameron has said British merchant ships off the coast of Somalia will soon be allowed to carry armed guards.