Greek Prince Nikolaos Visits Pakistan

Prince Nikolaos of Greece paid a short visit to Karachi, Pakistan on Tuesday to meet an old friend and some dignitaries, including Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ebad, officials told The Express Tribune.

Forty-two-year-old Prince Nikolaos was in the city on the invitation of Ghouse Akbar, the CEO of Princely Jets. “Yes, he came to see me,” Akbar told The Express Tribune on Wednesday. “It was a personal visit”.

Akbar and the prince were at Brown University. Prince Nikolaos called on Governor Ebad at the latter’s residence. “The governor told the Greek prince that Pakistan was a most suitable destination for investment due to its investor-friendly policies,” said an official handout on Wednesday.


  1. Just for the record, Greece does not recognize the German-descended family that claims Greek throne. There is no Greek prince nor a Greek King or Queen. Grow up already; it’s 2011 not 1411.

  2. Why can the Greeks never except their history. The Greek Royal Family is not reigning at the moment but they do exist , Greece is in the hands of the o so good politicians that have corrupted and brought Greece to destruction. Once a king always a king same goes for a princess not like politicians that come and go and in Greece’s case take a whole lot and stash them in Swiss accounts. Look how much positive publicity prince Nikolaos’s wedding brought to Spetses, does Papoulias bring that publicity to islands he visits? The answer is no because nobody gives a hoot.


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