1st Greek-Argentinian Conference on Civilization and Economic Crisis

Greece returned to Buenos Aires, this time through the organization of the 1st Greek-Argentinian conference, titled “Greece: Cradle of Western Civilizations: influence on literature, art and sciences. This conference was organised by the Hellenic Cultural Association Nostos, under the aegis of the Greek Embassy in Argentina.

Nostos president Christina Tsardikos has stated: “Greece lives in Argentina, where it has innumerable friends”. Greek Ambassador Michalis Christidis underlined the increasing appeal of Nostos during its 5 years old activities. He also added: “Greeks, since their nation has been created, are used to facing difficulties and every kind of crisis”.

The rector of the School of Economics in Universidad de Belgrano, Alberto Rubio, focused on the economic crisis during his talk, titled: “Greek economic crisis. The exit from the Labyrinth, why only Greece?”. Rubio presenting the reasons of economic crisis and debt in Greece, that are not so serious compared to Italy, Spain, Ireland, emphasized that “the solution can be found only within the country of Greece, within the unification between politicians and citizens.

The 5-year-old Nostos’ activities include: 50 cultural conferences under the aegis of the National Library of Argentina, festschrifts for Greek poets, such as Kavafy, Ritsos, Seferis, Elitis etc, one-year-long Greek language courses and online courses too, with participants from Peru, Argentina, Chile. Lastly, Nostos has organized Greek dance, philosophy, Ancient Greek language and literature seminars.


  1. Since South American countries have kicked out the IMF and other international banking institutions the economy of every since South American country has gotten better.  On top of that they stopped the penneis for a dollar sell off of their assets.  Something Greece needs to do ASAP before all the Oil, Gas, Uranium and Gold is gone.

  2. Oliver Stone did a documentary recently on how much South American countries benefited from kicking out the IMF, foreign banks and other scrupulous foreign corporations.


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