Historic Church of St. George in Tripoli Ransacked

The historic church of St. George located in Libya, in Tripoli, dating back to 1647 was ransacked.  The church is the oldest Orthodox church in North Africa.

The president of the Greek community, Dimitris Anastassiou transferred the news to the Metropolitan of Tripoli Mr. Theophylaktos, who has been in Greece since late June.

“I am feeling heartbroken for what is happening in Libya, this beautiful country which was destroyed and whose people are noted for their hospitality,” stated Metropolitan of Tripoli, who settled in Libya in 1991.

”I was sad to hear the news from Mr. Anastassiou. The thieves stole the shrine of our patron saint which I had brought from Mount Athos.  Old Gospels, chalices, cherubim, censers, one of which we had been given by the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew. Those who stole the holy objects contacted the president of the community and asked for money in order to return them. Mr. Anastassiou reported the incident to the police, but as things are at the moment, noone will deal with this matter,” he said.








  1. The same thing happened in Iraq.  The U.S. government goes after non-fundamentalist regimes where Christians are tolerated and help install theocracies that drive out Christians in droves while also attempting to prop up genuinely Islamist regimes like Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

  2. Animals, murderous NATO scum use protection of civilians as an excuse to support their weapons manufacturers

  3. I am not Greek or Christian. I visited the St. George Church in 2005. It was a beautiful  small church, almost a chapel, serving the vastly reduced (600?) Greek community of Tripoli. What struck me was that although Libya is just across the water from Greece and Greeks have lived in Libya for more than two millennia, they seemed so forlorn, abandoned… as if they were on Mars.
    What type of subhumans would attack and loot the little church? If it was an anti-Christian act, didn’t the rebels realize that without the help of Christian West, their revolution would have gone pfffffffft a few weeks after it started? Damned thieving, stupid lowlifes.

  4. Mike, Christian West does not equal Christian East. Every involvement of the Christian West in the East, starting from the paradigmatic Crusades, has been to the absolute detriment of Eastern Christians. For the Christian East, the Christian West has been worse than Islam.

  5. As an environmental conservationist, when we analyze the
    health of a jungle we look at the ‘small things’ or aspects less noticeable; as
    these are usually good indicators of the vitality and longevity of such a
    jungle. So too, I tend to use this same approach when looking at
    developments in Libya. 
    What shocked me
    was this report that the historic Christian church of St. George, in Tripoli
    was ransacked a week ago.  Within my circle of friends, the general feeling is that
    this type of activity does not bode well for a future democratic state…

    I would like to know what the Libyan Transitional
    National Council (and its supporters) is going to do, to correct this crime and
    maintain the so-called desert “holy rule of hospitality”?  I
    feel all readers need to use the i-net to put pressure on their leaders to
    correct this; as clearly Christians in the Magreb and Arab world are being

  6. It’s no secret that with a few honorable exceptions (Jordan, the Palestinian Authority), Christians are openly and covertly persecuted in Moslem countries (Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, etc). They are also persecuted in Palestine/Israel where Israeli government has confiscated property belonging to Christian Churches and in addition to taking tacit measures to encourage Christians to leave the Holy Land. As a result, there are more Christian Jerusalemites in Sydney than in Jerusalem. And yes, Christian clergy are regularly insulted and spat upon by Israelis. I leave to your imagination the situation of the non-clergy.

  7. Sorry, L.  That’s propaganda stuff.  The Prophet Mohammed gave a pass to the monastery of St. Catherine in Sinai because the monks showed him the hospitality of the East.  Other Christian places didn’t have this protection.  As an American of partial Greek ancestry, I am aware of the millet and the special taxes and other burdens upon Christians (and others).  And I’m aware of the political aspects of Islam.  And I read of the women of the Peloponnese with infants at their breasts,  who prayed, sang and danced off the cliffs in Arkadia and Sparta as the Ottoman troops moved up the mountains.  The Italians/Venetians or others never inspired such terror.  And, to be blunt, the Brits and the French were supportive of the Greek War of Independence in the 1820s.  Even Lord Byron.  Please don’t wham other Christians – we’ve made mistakes, as all have. But we share baptism, the faith and the sacraments.  And a common moral code.  And if we split the Christian East from the rest of the Christian world, we’ll be in deep trouble against the dark side of Islam.

  8. If I have read correctly, it was the Libyan people who have reached their limit, perhaps inspired by other Arabic speaking people in the various countries.  Should I mention Egypt?  Is Bahrain a ‘Western plot’?  What’s happening in Syria?   Dictators have got to go – everywhere.  The Arabiya is now realizing that they CAN take actions against those who would control their daily lives.  And if democracies can lend a hand, so much the better.  It’s the PEOPLE.


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