Junior National Volleyball Team Hosted in Sports Show in Argentina

Members of the Greek Junior National Volleyball Team were hosted on a sports broadcast show on Arpasto TV in Bahia Blanca. The show was attended by team coach Makis Demetriades, international players Thanassis Protopsaltis, John Madouras and Dimitris Hatzopoulos, as well as the envoy of the Panhellenic Association of Sports Journalists (PSAT), George Mantzioukis. Players and coaches expressed their satisfaction for the qualification of the national team in the octet of the World Championship and their ambition to go even higher.

In the studio were also representatives of Spain and Cuba. The presenter of the show, Osario Zamundio, promised that on Tuesday (23 / 8), he would send a copy of this broadcast to members of the Greek mission.

The national team, along with Giorgos Manolopoulos, George Somponis and George Penteris, had the opportunity to walk the streets of Bahia Blanca. Outside the hotel which accomodates the mission of the national team, young Argentinian girls have camped in order to get an autograph or take photographs with the Greek players.

The national team is continuing training for the upcoming match, on August, 24 with France.