Greek Mountaineers are the First to Step on an Icecap in the Himalayas

A small number of Greek mountaineers made a huge step on a newly discovered icecap in the Himalayas, a few days ago. The mountain climbers began their amazing 3 week journey on July 2 and spent 19 days on the mountain under extreme weather conditions. The team had traveled specifically to India to explore the huge mountain range in the Himalayas and became the first to step on the icecap with an altitude of 6.088 meter, at the peak of Tara Pahar.

According to the leader of the team, there are thousands of peaks over 6000 meters on our planet and many even higher, up to 8.848 meters, such as Everest. However, few of them are accessible to climbers. 99% of the mountaineers worldwide climbs only 1% of the mountain peaks.