Profile of Fashion Designer Maria Vlataki

The summer collection of the Greek designer Marilena Vlataki, which was presented under the scope of the Hong-Kong Fashion Week, had a touch of Bali, exuded femininity and received marvelous critics. The dominant element of her collection are the prints and the diaphanous dresses. Thus, the Greek designer has managed to stand out in the Asian and Australian market with the clothes collection “C and Selene” and to make the small Greek community of Bali and the island’s residents so proud seeing their “princess” standing out. Marilena Vlataki is of Cretan origin and is married to the Balinese prince Α. Α. NGR Cusdarma Putra, member of the royal family of Denpasar, with whom she met when she decided to move to the country with her ex-husband and their new born baby. Apart from her work with fashion, where she dedicates most of her time, as she has to travel abroad a lot every year.  She travels mostly to Australia where the majority of her clients are.  Marilena Vlataki also works in the tourism sector. She has undertaken the management of the summer residencies of Bali and of the new cafeteria which she recently bought with her husband.