Onassis Curse Strikes Again?

Cibele Dorsa

Athina Onassis, the only surviving heiress to grandfather Aristotle Onassis’s fortune, has talked of leading a life of simplicity—but it seems she’s unable to keep the “Onassis curse” at bay. Little more than a week ago, the ex-lover of Onassis’s husband—and the mother of Onassis’s two stepchildren—jumped to her death from a seventh-floor flat in Brazil, the Daily Mail reports. In her suicide note, 36-year-old actress and Playboy model Cibele Dorsa complained about the arrangement under which Onassis was raising Vivienne, 10, and Fernando, 14.

Vivienne was born to Dorsa and Alvaro “Doda” Alfonso de Miranda Neto, now Onassis’s husband of six years. Fernando, born during Dorsa’s first marriage, went to live with his sister in 2009 at his request, says Dorsa’s first husband, who says that his “emotional and unstable” ex-wife “couldn’t take care of the children.” He adds, “it was her decision to allow the children to live with” Onassis, 26, and Doda, 38, with whom they experienced “a very simple and healthy lifestyle.” Even so, in one of her last notes, Dorsa wrote that living without her children felt as if “my heart has been cut out.”


  1. Why were the children living with Athina and doda? I do not believe that Cibele was an
    incapable mother as has been reported. If you’re children were taken from you, would you not be very, very upset and somewhat unstable?? Of course you would be!!!! It is only natural that you would be upset and as for doda, well, we all know that the only reason he got hold of Athina is for her money and ONLY her money. The only person on the planet
    who cannot see that is athina, and NO, this marriage will not last.


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