Greek Embassy of Japan Urges Greeks to Leave the Country

The Greek Embassy of Japan, realizing the serious problems that the nuclear reactors leak may cause, urged Greeks who are around the dangerous area to leave. The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that they have already booked tickets for those who want to return to Greece. Mr. Delavekouras, talking on TV, explained that the Ministry is willing to help, as it was concluded that finding tickers was difficult. He added that they didn’t charter special flights, but they just booked tickets, after contacting airline companies. Our Embassy in Tokyo has invited the Greeks of the area, estimated at about 130-150, to inform them in case they want to leave the country, so that they get some help. The spokesman underlined that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs suggests that no trips to Japan should be planned under these conditions. He also said that the European Union has not decided anything yet and that our government is in constant contact with the Greeks of the area and the Japanese authorities, as well.


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