No Greek Earthquake or Tsunami Victims in Japan

After the powerful 8.9 magnitude undersea earthquake and the tsunami that hit Japan on Friday March 11, 2011, the Hellenic Rescue Team is poised to send a team to every region that needs help. “The earthquake had and still has duration because the postseisms have not stopped yet”, stated the Greek Ambassador in Japan, Nikolaos Tsamados. “There are 300 Greeks in Japan but we do not have any victims or injured persons until now. You have to know that here the mobile phones are out of range and there are not many fixed phones left so as to communicate with everyone.”, said Mr. Tsamados. The Greek Consul added that “we don’t have any information about Greek tourists or Greek ships in the region. We don’t know where the marine attendant is, but until now we don’t have any bad news. We had some material damages in the embassy building but fortunately nothing serious.” Apparently shocked Mr. Tsamados said that the image of Tokyo today is an image of APOCALYPSE and the cost will be huge. All this will be evaluated realistically at the beginning of next week.