“Feta Mykonos” from…Buenos Aires!

By Marianna Kourti
The cheese was ready. It was packed and labelled as “Feta Mykonos”. Nothing unusual at first. The problem is that the factory producing “feta” from Mykonos is not located in the famous island, not even in Greece. It is situated in the district of Buenos Aires, where “Armar” company produces small quantities of white cheese, named “Feta Mykonos” and “Feta Juan Grande”. Then they sell the cheese to food stores near the Greek community. According to the most recent (December 2010) report of Greek Embassy’s Office of Economic and Commercial Affairs, Argentina doesn’t import original feta. However, big supermarkets have -in small packages and not on a daily basis- white cheese, which originates from Denmark (“Feta Apetina”) and from Argentina (“Feta Wapi” and “Queso Tipo Feta”).


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