Chile Holds 2 Competitions for Greek Youths Abroad

The SAE Central and South America Region is aiming to attract the interest of young Greeks abroad for the “wealth” of the Greek language through two competitions.
“Attributing great importance to our youth and the preservation and dissemination of the Greek culture, we decided to carry out two competitions – on Greek proverbs and Greek words in Hispanic and Portuguese – aiming to collect and make known even a small portion of this treasure. The competitions are addressed to children and adolescents of Greek origin, aged between 10 to 18 years old”, mentions the Region’s Coordinator, Nikiforos Nicolaides from Santiago in Chile.
The first competition for Greek proverbs aims to encourage children to resort to personal experience, seeking the help of their close family members, relatives and friends of Greek origin, and recording Greek proverbs they recall. In this context, the entrants are called to record at least fifteen Greek proverbs.
The second competition invites all youths of Greek descent, from Central and South America countries, to “collect” at least 100 words in Hispanic or Portuguese language, with Greek roots.
The deadline for participations closes on the 30th of March. The two winners will receive an honorary diploma, as all participants, and also travel to Greece for a week.


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