Greek Ministries Plan to Evacuate Greeks in Egypt

Greece’s Foreign Ministry decided to send military aircrafts to evacuate all Greeks from Egypt who desire to return home on Sunday. Tens of thousands of demonstrators defied curfews and remained on the streets demanding the resignation of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. The death toll has hit one-hundred-and-two people and has left thousands injured, according to reports by international media.
According to available information, all Greeks in Egypt are well in health.
The Foreign Ministry decided in cooperation with the Greek Defence Ministry to evacuate Greeks wishing to leave Egypt. The Ministries are in constant contact with other countries also planning evacuation operations.
According to a Foreign Ministry announcement, “Activation of the repatriation plan for Greek citizens in Egypt desiring to return to Greece was decided this morning (Sunday) at a meeting chaired by deputy Foreign Minister (for overseas Greeks affairs) Dimitris Dollis”.
“The relevant planning provides for the dispatch of military planes, in a follow-up to agreement reached with the national Defence Ministry at the outbreak of the crisis” in Egypt, the announcement said.
“Due to the situation prevailing in Egypt, the departure of the aircraft will take place when the necessary conditions for the safety of the Greek citizens who have expressed desire to be repatriated are ensured,” it added.
The Ministry further said that Greece’s Consular authorities in Egypt are in constant contact with the Greek communities in Egypt, and the Ecumenical Patriarchate. The Ministry added that according to information received, all Greeks in Egypt are currently safe .
It said that the Greeks in Egypt have been instructed to remain in their residences due to the conditions prevailing in the streets.
The Ministry also stated that it is in constant coordination with other European and non-European countries that are also planning repatriation operations.
(source: ana-mpa)


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