Greek Ministry of Foreign Αffairs Claims Greeks in Egypt are Safe

According to the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, all Greeks in Egypt are safe. More specifically, the Embassy, the General Consulate of Greece in Cairo and the General Consulate in Alexandria are in close contact with Greeks living in Egypt, as well as with the Patriarchate of Alexandria. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that there are several technical difficulties concerning the communications.  According to the Embassies, the Patriarchate and the Greeks Associations, the Greeks of Egypt are not in danger. The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be in close contact with the Embassy, the Consulate and the Patriarchate on the aggravating situation.
Furthermore, Deputy Foreign Minister Dimitris Dollis is in contact with the President of the Council of Greeks Abroad (Sae), Stefanos Tamvakis, a Greek-Egyptian himself, regarding the events happening during the last few days in Egypt. Sae President said on Saturday that he was assured by Dollis that the ministry is keeping an eye on the developments and will stand by the Greeks in Egypt.
Tamvakis is also in constant contact with the Greek communities of Alexandria and Cairo, and has visited, Saturday, the Greek nursing home in Alexandria. A emergency meeting is arranged to be held in the city, on Sunday, in order to discuss the Greek population’s handling of the situation.
It is reminded that the US, Great Britain, Australia, Sweden, Belgium and Japan warned their citizens not to travel to Egypt unless necessary.