Chinese Look to Greece as Popular New Travel Destination

China is showing an interest in Greece and Europe regarding tourism.  Many bookings have been made from the Chinese people to visit Greece, as revealed by travel agencies.

The website of the Information Department of Chinese Government: states there is a hotel price increase in Sanya.  Sanya is the famous tourist destination of China.  Now tourists are searching for vacations in Greece and other European destinations.

“Countries like Greece, UK and Spain were not attractive for us in the past but this year a lot of reservations have been made.”, states a representative of  Spring Tours. Spring Tours is among the most famous travel agencies of Sanghai.

As the same travel agency indicates, the drop in sales for Sanya has helped the company raise its sales in Europe which are at 45% this year.

The vast rise of  hotel prices in Sanya resulted in a 30% drop of bookings from Sanghai’s travel agencies, which propels 25% of Chinese travelers in Sanya.

A similar increase in bookings for Europe have been made at the Sanghai Ever Bright International Travel Agency”. The company’s president says that despite the fact that travelling abroad is more expensive, tourists show interest in visiting Europe this year because they believe that they will gain more from the relation between the cost and the value of the product.