Kyrgyzstan: Diaspora Greeks are safe

On a telephone conversation from Bishkek Kyrgyzstan with ANA – MPA, the head of the Diaspora Greeks of the country, Olga Kouprianova – Eliades stated that no Greek has been reported to be in danger during the conflict; however the situation is constantly becoming worse, especially in the South and secondarily across Kyrgyzstan.
“In the South, there are no food rations and their prices are constantly increasing as there is no easy access, whilst in many products, such as bread, the price has gone sky high”, stated Ms. Kouprianova – Eliades, adding that all national organizations are gathering food and medicine supplies in order to send them to the Southern provinces of the country. “There is no doubt that some third party forces, most probably representatives of the former government in power are exploiting the conflict and national differences, telling the Kyrgyz that they are being killed by the Uzbeks and vice versa to the Uzbeks” concluded Ms. Kouprianova – Eliades



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