Abducted Orthodox Archbishops OK In Syria

171537_mainimg According to recent information, two Greek Orthodox Archbishops kidnapped in Syria, are both in good health and still in the custody of rebels.

Aleppo’s Greek Orthodox Archbishop Paul Yazigi and Syriac Orthodox Archbishop Yohanna Ibrahim were kidnapped on April 22, while they were passing from the Turkish border on their way to Aleppo.

The Lebanese website dailystar reported that  the Acting President of the Syrian National Coalition George Sabra said by telephone to Kataeb Party leader Amin Gemayel, who was in a meeting with Syriac Orthodox Bishops with a delegation in Beirut, that the two clerics are being held by a small rebel group in Bshaqtin, a small village 20 kilometers northwest of Aleppo and are okay.

The meeting was held at the Kataeb Party’s headquarters in Saifi and was attended by Mount Lebanon’s Syriac Orthodox Bishop George Saliba, Beirut Bishop Daniel Koriyeh, Syriac League President Habib Efram and Deputy Bishop of Aleppo Joseph Shabo. Bishop Saliba also spoke to the Syrian opposition leader over the phone and urged him to act in order to secure the release of the abducted Archbishops.

Gemayel reportedly said during the meeting that the abduction of the Archbishops is a bad message for the Christian communities of Syria, while Bishop Saliba said that it will provoke fear if they were not released: “I don’t know whether the Christians would leave the region because of this or stay and react to this kidnapping in a way that we do not want.”



  1. Our Faith is in the Almighty God. We will continue to Pray for the safe release of these Blessed Religious Leaders, whose lives are dedicated in worship, serving the community, prayer, fasting and chastity. May the Almighty God protect, bless & support them in these difficult times of tribulation. God taught us Peace, Forgiveness and love. Lord Have Mercy. Please Lord, deliver us from evil, We cry onto you, for you are Lord & Saviour. Christians are suffering enormously in the Middle East.Religious Extremists continually preach hate and murder of innocent christian civilians.Daily, we are witnessing; discrimination, constant attacks on christian churches & properties, abductions & sexual assults of christian girls / women and senseless murder. How can one terrorise the other and believe that they are doing a good service for God. Why, I ask??? Whether, we are ‘infidels’ or not, let God judge us. Have Mercy on others, so God will have Mercy on You. We are all hurting in pain from the instability and insecurity all over the middle east. We Pray for Peace.

  2. This is the mentality that lost Greeks the Byzantine Empire, particularly Constantinople in 1453.

    Not matter how much faith you have, God is not going to solve our problems for us. We need to think like the Ancient Greeks, use our brains, and solve our own problems without sitting around like ducks and praying for something that won’t happen.

    It was said that the Greek Gods favoured the strong, and if history has taught us anything, it has been the strong that have won things in their favour. This is the path Greeks need to follow. Strength!

  3. Unfortunately, Greeks are divided among themselves, blinded by the bla…bla…bla of our corrupt Greek politicians who are very good in that but not good in saving our country…Greeks are mentally re-tar-ded in believing in our corrupt politicians who still haven’t taken any positive steps to put back the economy in track…Our corrupt Greek politicians are traitors and they should be tried for not fulfilling the Oath of Office…They are liars but still people do believe in them…Greece will never recover under this government…We need serious politicians who will take the country forward for a better future…A new junta is our best option to save whats left of it…

  4. I looked for this city and its no where on the map. Are you sure you quoted your sources right? Where is it exactly? There is no Bshaqtin near Aleppo.


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